SILA   Sistema Integrato di Laboratori per l’Ambiente  
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The strategic importance of environmental issues at global level, the existence of many laboratories working in the environmental field within the University of Calabria, having a highly qualified and proven excellence, the growing tendency to promote interdisciplinary and intersectoral research initiatives, represent the main reasons for which the University of Calabria has chosen to propose, based on the Notice 254 / Ric of 18/05/2011, the Integrated Environmental Laboratories project.

Thanks to the realization of an infrastructural strengthening intervention, in continuity with the actions set by the University of Calabria in the field of industrial research of Project PON Research and Competitiveness - Action Line 1, it has been proposed to strengthen the background and the conditions for the development of the territory based on the meeting of public-private excellences active on the integration of Research, Higher Education, and Innovation, which represent the heart of the Knowledge Triangle.

Main thematic areas covered by the SILA project can be grouped in 3 macro-sectors:

- Natural disaster risk mitigation;

- Characterization, treatment and estimation of pollutants, sewage and waste;

- Ecosystems, biodiversity and the relationships between environment and human health.

The project involves more than 100 researchers, belonging to the 14 laboratories affected by this intervention. A significant enhancement of the ICT system was also made up in order to increase the computing power of all laboratories and the main infrastructure of the University of Calabria.

The Integrated System of Laboratories for the Environment is a research infrastructure which is able to compete in the scenario of the national and international environmental sector thanks to its size and to the quality of its scientific and technological services.