SILA   Sistema Integrato di Laboratori per l’Ambiente  
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Within the Integrated System of Environmental Laboratories – SILA – have been systematized multidisciplinary expertise, human and material resources, and specific expertise gained in the research laboratories of the University of Calabria dealing with environmental topic.

SILA System architecture includes:

  • 5 line laboratories, which represent the bone structure of SILA project and contribute significantly to the provision of scientific and technological environmental services to privates and/or public companies.
  • 5 cross or system laboratories, which are intended to develop research activities in their specific area of competence and to provide scientific and technological services not only to privates and/or public companies, but also to the line laboratories.
  • 4 niche laboratories, having research objectives and a strong specialization level and which are closely related to the activities of one of the line laboratories.

Architettura progetto SILA